11 Impressive Health Benefits of Buttermilk

Famous as acid pacifier, buttermilk also calms your hunger by keeping your stomach full for a longer period of time. This process helps in your weight loss journey. 

Buttermilk is a non-fat fermented dairy product that consists of water, milk sugar lactose and milk protein casein. Buttermilk is cultured by adding beneficial bacteria (lactobacillus) into low-fat milk and then heating the mixture. 

Buttermilk also helps you get rid of indigestion and boosts your immunity. Let’s discuss the benefits of buttermilk in detail.

Buttermilk Nutrition Facts

1 cup (245 ml equivalent to 100 gram) of buttermilk provides the following nutrients

NutrientsValues per servingPercentage of Daily Value
Calories40Depends on total calorie intake
Saturated fat0.5 gram2%
Monounsaturated fat0.3 gram> 1%
Cholesterol4 mg1%
Sodium 105 mg4%
Potassium 151 mg4%
Sugar4.8 grams1%
Protein 3.3 grams6%
Vitamin C1%

Buttermilk Health Benefits

#1. Relieves Heartburn

Relieves Heartburn

The lactic acid in the buttermilk neutralizes the acidity in your stomach. The lactic acid soothes your stomach by coating the stomach lining and reduces the irritation and acid reflux symptoms such as burning sensation in your chest, swallowed food moving up to your mouth and sensation of a lump in your throat. 

#2. Easier To Digest Than Other Dairy Products

Buttermilk contains similar nutrients compared to other dairy products, with the exception of lactic acid and riboflavin. The lactic acid improves the lactose digestion and promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract which leads to a smoother digestion process.

The riboflavin in the buttermilk converts the consumed food to energy which helps in secretion of hormones and aids digestion.

#3. Support Strong Bones

Buttermilk is a good source of calcium. The calcium nutrient maintains your bone strength, promotes bone formation and prevents bone breakdown. The calcium also prevents degenerative bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

#4. Improves Oral Health 

The periodontal bacteria causes periodontitis, an inflammation of your gums and supports structures within your teeth. The anti-inflammatory properties of buttermilk protect the skin cells that line your mouth. 

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Buttermilk Benefits Weight Loss

#5. Helps To Burn Your Calories

Lactose is natural sugar present in the buttermilk. The lactic acid bacteria in the buttermilk ferments lactose to form lactic acid, which promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract and boosts your metabolic process. This process, in turn, helps to burn more calories, reduces your appetite and curb your hunger cravings. The curbed cravings make you consume fewer calories throughout your day, which induces weight loss.

Lactic acid acts as a decontaminant during your digestion process, eliminating potentially harmful elements out of your digestive system. 

Lactose prevents and treats diarrhoea and acts as an immune system, which helps your body to resist and fight against infection. 

#6. Promotes Fat Loss

Promotes Fat Loss

Buttermilk has more lactic acid and less fat as compared to your regular milk that helps in improved metabolism.

Buttermilk helps to absorb nutrients from your food and eliminates the unwanted elements through your bowel. Buttermilk cleanses your stomach lining and does not allow any food particles to settle which improves metabolic rate thus reduces fat accumulation.

The carminative properties of buttermilk help to relieve wind and spasm in your stomach and also regulates the digestion process.

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Buttermilk Benefits For Skin

#7. Excellent Skin Bleach

The lactic acid in the buttermilk is an excellent skin bleaching agent which reduces your dark spot caused by sun damage, aging and hormonal changes. Lactic acid also lightens and white your skin.

When buttermilk is applied topically, the natural bleaching agent reduces your skin darkening, blemishes and sunburn. The lactic acid removes the dead skin cells from your face and lightens your dark spots. 

How to Apply

  • Dip a cotton swab in the buttermilk and apply it directly on your dark spots
  • Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water
  • Repeat the procedure till the dark spot subsides

#8. Moisturizes Your Skin

The fatty and acidic nature of the buttermilk increases around 10 to 14 days. The aged buttermilk with increased fatty and acidic nature works as an excellent moisturizer.

The lactic acid in the buttermilk delivers silky smooth hydration and a natural glow to your skin. The moisturizing property of lactic acid gently dissolves your dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines and discolouration. This process leaves your complexion looking well-nourished, radiant, and healthy.

How to use

  • Exfoliate your skin with buttermilk.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off in lukewarm water.  

Buttermilk Benefits For Liver

#9. Assists Detoxification

The primary function of your liver is to produce bile, which helps to carry away waste, toxins and break down fats in the small intestine during the digestion process. The riboflavin in the buttermilk detoxifies the waste and toxins.

Your liver metabolizes compounds that produce free radicals. The riboflavin in the buttermilk helps your body to produce uric acid, a strong antioxidant. Uric acid eliminates the free radicals and helps to maintain the balance of oxidative and antioxidative balance in your liver.

Buttermilk Benefits For Diabetes

#10. Insulin Booster For Glycemic Diabetes

 Insulin Booster For Glycemic Diabetes

If you are suffering from glycemic diabetes, you are advised to avoid consuming food and drinks with a higher glycemic index. Higher glycemic index food stuffs contain carbohydrates that can affect the blood sugar levels. Butter contains carbohydrates with a low glycemic index value. 

Your blood glucose level reduces with the presence of the carbohydrates in the buttermilk that are slowly digested, absorbed, and metabolized. This process also helps to increase insulin levels in your blood. 

#11. Energy Drink For Diabetes

The high fat fermented dairy food products can aggravate your diabetes. Hence, If you have diabetes, you are advised to consume low fat fermented dairy food products. Since buttermilk is low in fat and sugar content, you can drink buttermilk without the fear of an increase of glucose level in your blood.

Osteoporosis is a medical condition where your bones become brittle and fragile due to the loss of tissue and is a symptom of diabetes. The calcium in the buttermilk helps to build and protect your bones, thus restricting the risk of osteoporosis.

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Best Time To Drink Buttermilk As Per Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda, you need to consume buttermilk as per your goals.

#1. Cure Digestive Problems

Consuming buttermilk in the morning on an empty stomach can help you to keep your gastrointestinal problems away. Hence it is recommended to consume buttermilk in the morning on an empty stomach if you suffer from indigestion, gas and want to get rid of it. 

#2. Weight Loss

Buttermilk boosts your energy levels, improves digestion and increases the metabolic activity in your body. Consuming buttermilk as a midday snack or drink can make you feel full and satiated and keeps your cravings away.

#3. Sleeping Trouble Due To Heavy Dinner

If you often face trouble sleeping at night due to the heavy dinner you had, consume a glass of buttermilk in the evening an hour before your dinner.

The good bacteria and the digestive properties of buttermilk will help digest your food quickly and keep your stomach functions working properly while you retire for the night.  

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How to Make Buttermilk at Home

You can make buttermilk at home in three ways –

#1. From Full-Fat Cream

You can churn out full-fat cream into a mixer-grinder or a clay pot designed to make butter (Chatti) by adding some water. When the butter starts collecting on the top, remove the butter and you will left with buttermilk.

#2. From Curd

You can also take some curd and add an some water and blend them together. You can keep a ratio of 1:1, which means for 1 kg curd you can add 1 glass of water. Rest depends on your preference that how thick buttermilk you want, you can increase or decrease the amount of water.

#3. From Milk

Take 1 cup of milk and add 1 tablespoon vinegar or lime juice and Stir well. You can also you hand blender to do it faster. But slow will also work well. but if you are doing it manually then, stir for around 5 minutes. Your buttermilk is ready.

Once buttermilk is ready you can coriander, cumin seeds, black salt, pepper, ginger, green chilies, mint as per your taste and preference.

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Final Word 

Buttermilk is a dairy product rich in vitamins and minerals that may offer several benefits for your bones, stomach, and oral health. 

Still, consuming buttermilk in excess may cause issues such as diarrhea and nausea if you are lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy.

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